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Do you know gin has Belgian-Dutch origin ?

Gin is derived from genever, beverage elaborated from the seventeenth century in the Low Countries compounds of the United Provinces of the current Holland and Belgica Regia, Belgium.

The distillation of fermented grains after adding spices by the Dutch is considered by historians of food as the genesis of the golden age of the water spirits in Europe.

This “Giniver” alcohol was well known from English mercenaries fighting during the long wars of the Netherlands, calling him “Dutch’s courage”.

This is from 1688, when taking the British throne by Guillaume III of Orange on the occasion of the “Glorious Revolution”, the British began to consume genever that they called Gin, became the drink of the Court.

The Madness of gin reached its peak in 1950-1960 to see its consumption to stagnate or even decline, in the 70s.

Since the beginning of the decade this beverage have new interest for sophisticated and educated people searching for original and unique taste discoveries. That’s what the Gin offers.

DiscoverThe soul of BrusselsAt home !

Elaborated and bottled in Brussels, the Brussels Dry Gin will touch you first by its beautiful aromatic presence. A finely sweet tonic primer gives it a pleasant roundness. The Brussels Dry Gin is distinguished by its delicate aroma, skilfully tinged with a touch of citrus fruit. This king of cocktails marries ideally with a premium tonic, embellished according to your desire with a lime zest or a slice of cucumber and some grains of black pepper. But Brussels is an international and open city … So let your imagination stroll with your Brussels Dry Gin!


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